It’s a bird*, it’s a plane, it’s the most anticipated movie of the year! And more specifically, it’s Dru, Dave, and James to talk about Man of Steel. This is a spoiler-filled discussion, but if you’re precious and delicate and haven’t seen the movie yet, you can safely listen to the beginning of the show to hear our general thoughts. We’ll give you a head’s up before we start a-spoilin’.

* A fantastic tweet from friend of the show, Jeremy Woodcock: “@Superman What on earth are you doing that people think you’re a bird first? Flapping your arms? Don’t do that. Don’t fly like that.” Follow him @jwpencilandpad. Seriously!

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Dru Jeffries is the co-host of 24 Panels Per Second. Follow him on Twitter @violetbooth.

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  1. NunoXEI says:

    James has heard my opinions at work after this movie was watched. I sit strongly on the side of the spectrum that sees this as the Superman I want, true and true. I could give a damn about any previous incarnations. I could give more a damn about many of the comic iterations. This is MY Superman and the one I hope doesn’t get tainted by legacy. As one of you stated at the conclusion: This is the Superman this society deserves. That idea alone is the backbone reasoning for everything I love about what this movie delivered to today’s audience. This is the Superman I’ll support, absolutely, and it’s done wonders for making me give a damn about the character.

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