If nothing else, Dave and Dru’s discussion of Ang Lee’s Hulk reminded us of the squandered potential of the film’s final scene. (Their discussion did also remind us that it’s an excellent, ambitious, albeit slightly-flawed film.) As you may recall, the last scene sets up a sequel that never came to fruition. In this scene, a bearded Bruce Banner has exiled himself in a nameless South American country, where we can only assume he fights injustice in the lawless jungle like some sort of Rambo figure. At least, that’s what we all hoped this scene set up.

Now, on behalf of Dru and Dave, I pitch that a sequel – tentatively titled H2LK: Jungle Justice – has its chance to see the light of day. So Ang Lee, Eric Bana, Kevin Feige, Marvel, Disney, anyone contact us. We are sitting on a gold mine here, people!


EXT. South American jungle – Dusk


A torrential downpour has just lifted. The fading sunlight makes the fresh rain glisten on the deep -green leaves of the lush jungle foliage. A free-ranging camera slowly moves around surveying the utterly beautiful, ancient forest.


In the quiet I can think about my old life. As a scientist. With Betty. Normal. Those days are gone now. After an accidental overdose of gamma radiation, whenever I get angry or outraged, a startling change occurs. I become this… this Hulking creature driven by rage. Now, the world thinks I’m dead, and I must stay that way until I can find way to control the raging spirit that dwells within me.

I live here now, in the jungle. Exiled. Far away from the ones I love, where I cannot hurt them.  I use my …abilities… to help those wronged – to fight …injustice – as I search for a cure… for redemption.


A rumbling behind some bushes.  From beyond the bushes emanates the sound of a raging creature. The noises get louder, angrier, until an unceremonious “snap” brings the sounds to a halt. The camera pans around the bushes to reveal a mighty alligator feasting on an indigenous mammal. A shot is fired off-screen and the alligator scurries off leaving behind his prey. FOUR mercenaries appear, with large backpacks and other standard jungle attire. They are equipped with futuristic-looking “Bio-rifles.” Two of the men – GOBBS and FRANCO share the work of carrying a large trunk, its contents unknown.


What the hell, Diego? Don’t draw attention to us.


Relax man, those are just rumours.


Rumours? What rumours?


Smitty here thinks that these jungles are haunted by some huge creature. What did you the stupid locals it?




Yeah man, I heard that too. But it can’t be true, right?


Shut up, all of you! I just wanna get through here and get these goods to General Amira.


What’s in here anyway? What does the General want from genetic research facility anyway?


I dunno, but the he’ll have our legs if we don’t get this back to him soon.

There’s a snap of a branch, the mercenaries freeze, and DIEGO fires a couple pulse blasts in the direction of the disturbance. From the bushes emerges a bearded BRUCE BANNER.


Easy, fellas. Easy.


Who the hell are you? Beat it, man!


Hold on, now. I’m… I’m just …lost. My Jeep broke down off the road, and I need to get to the nearest town.


Back off man!


Hey… I’m just trying to get back to town. No need to be hostile.


What are you guys transporting there? Hey, did you hear there was a robbery and murder at the research centre in the city?


What do you care, pal? Huh?


Nothing. Like I said, I just wanna get back to town.


You got any food in there? I’m starving.


I said, back off man.

DIEGO steps in front of the two men carrying the trunk, and pushes BRUCE back.


Hey guy, I’m just trying to have a friendly conversation. No need to get pushy.


You’re asking too many questions! I say we waste this mané! He must be a cop or something!

DIEGO hits him in the stomach with the butt of the Bio-rifle. BRUCE drops to his knees, then rises slowly.


What’re you doing, friendo? I wish you didn’t hit me. I was all nice and calm.

DIEGO hits BRUCE in the face. He recoils briefly and furrows his brow. His eyes begin to turn green.

BRUCE (con’t)

Oh, okay. That’s how this is going to be done. Then, go ahead. Make me angry.


BRUCE’s eyes being to glow green…


There’s a loud growl! The CREDITS fade in, in glowing, fiery green…



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