Episode 62: SUPERGIRL

kqmt4fOCNZPOVwjiG8q93oaH70X It’s all DC, all the time—and all TV, most of the time, all the time—on this episode of 24 Panels! We kick things off with a discussion of the first five (and, as far as we’re concerned, the last five) episodes of Fox’s Gotham and Dave closes out the show with a solo review of CW’s The Flash. Our main discussion, in honour of the 30th anniversary of Supergirl, is in between. We’re joined by Chris Martin (don’t call him Penguin!) and James Hrivnak (don’t pronounce that ‘H’!) on this episode—won’t you join us too?

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Dru Jeffries is the co-host of 24 Panels Per Second. Follow him on Twitter @violetbooth.

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