Episode 38. X-MEN: THE LAST STAND (2006)

Last_stand_posterOur “Comics go to Washington” series begins with the most politically-charged of the original X-Men films, X-Men: The Last Stand! It’s also generally agreed to be the weakest of the three, but has time been kind to the Brett Ratner-directed trilogy capper? And what of its politics? As Churchill once said, “There comes a time when every man must OH YOU GET THE POINT.” Tune in to this episode of 24 Panels Per Second to find out what Dru and Dave have to say.

Episode breakdown:

0:00 – 20:51: Intro banter (Dru’s outrage, shoe sizes, old man socks, the bee hunt)
20:51 – 21:42: X-Men: The Last Stand trailer
21:42 – 1:35:32: Main discussion
1:35:32 – 1:44:01: Closing remarks

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Next time on 24 Panels: Who watches the Watchmen? (…We will.)


Dru Jeffries is the co-host of 24 Panels Per Second. Follow him on Twitter @violetbooth.

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  1. James says:

    This is how inept X3 is and how clueless Brett Ratner is: There’s a deleted scene on the blu-ray where it’s revealed that Rogue DIDN’T get the cure. Her actions are so arbitrary it and her character has no effect on the rest of the film.

    Also that Magneto scene at the end is awful because it undoes everything in the film, reducing everything to just a waste of time. No one’s changed, particularly since (as you mentioned)no one is is really given any arc or anything to do.

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