Episode 32: GHOST WORLD


After a long two month hiatus, Dru and Dave are back with a new series on indie comics turned indie films, beginning with Terry Zwigoff’s Ghost World. The cynical buddies are joined by an older record collector, David Emery, who threatens to tear their friendship apart. Will it be Dave or Dru who ends the episode by taking the bus out of town? Tune into this episode to find out!

Episode breakdown:

0:00 – 13:30: Intro banter (Videodrome and The Rocketeer remakes, Dru’s trip abroad)
13:30 – 15:43: Ghost World trailer
15:43 – 1:26:19: Main discussion: Ghost World (with guest David Emery)
1:29:19 – 1:32:34: Closing remarks (and a word from our sponsor)

Today’s episode features music by Wire and Light.



  • Follow our guest on Twitter @joelcrary. Read his film criticism at joelcrary.com and download his albums – for free! – at wireandlight.ca. His latest album, Riot, includes the song “Enid,” which we used for our theme music this week. You can find the video for the song above.
  • We are sponsored this week by Beneath, a horror film by Mike McMurran. You can help make an independent film happen by donating to their Indiegogo page. Please support them!
Next time on 24 Panels: American Splendor


Dru Jeffries is the co-host of 24 Panels Per Second. Follow him on Twitter @violetbooth.

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