tamara-drewe-posterIn the final installment of our three-part series of “Films You Didn’t Know Were Based on Comics,” we tackle Stephen Frears’ 2010 adaptation of Posy Simmonds’ graphic novel Tamara Drewe.  Though it is a change of pace from the tights and flights usually associated with comic books on film, we hope that you’ll enjoy this non-genre diversion.  If you really need that genre fix, though, we’ve got you covered!  24 Panels’ contributor Jeremy Woodcock (you can find more of his work at http://alcovewriting.com/) gives us his hilarious two cents on Preist, which may or may not be in theatres now (it was last time I checked, but who knows; I’m sure it’ll be on DVD any minute now).

Episode breakdown:
0:00 – 6:10: Intro banter
6:10 – 7:07: Tamara Drewe trailer
7:07 – 1:10:45: Main discussion: Tamara Drewe
1:10:45 – 1:17:25: Special guest: Jeremy Woodcock on Priest
1:17:25 – 1:23:00: Closing remarks and housekeeping

Download the episode now!

Next time: Dru and David share the comic books THEY want to see adapted into films.  Send us a short MP3 (1-2 minutes) telling us what comics YOU want to see adapted, and we’ll include it in the next episode!



Dave is the co-host of 24 Panels Per Second.

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