Between Panels: A Very 24 Panels Christmas

Dru “Furious Fishface” Jeffries and Dave “Man Alive” Babbitt are joined by Batman: The Animated Series expert Lisa Para for a timely discussion of the series’ two Christmas episodes: “Christmas with the Joker” and “Holiday Knights.” Also on the docket: hot toddies.

This is a bonus episode of 24 Panels Per Second, so go ahead and listen to a real episode first. See you all again in the new year!

Episode breakdown:
0:00 – 5:05: Hot toddy talk
5:05 – 5:22: Clip: “Christmas with the Joker”
5:22 – 58:14: Main discussion: “Christmas with the Joker” and “Holiday Knights” (including a clip from “Holiday Knights” from 48:27 – 49:02)
58:14 – 1:01:40: Happy holidays!

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Dave is the co-host of 24 Panels Per Second.

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